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About Me, C. Rae Munford


What excites me as an artist is the process of translating what I see around me into something that I can create by fusing together different forms of glass.  I love that transformational process of discovering how various aspects of my original subject matter can be expressed and even enhanced through the unique qualities of glass.   Working in fused glass allows me to develop ideas and images in a medium that gives me opportunities to explore light, line, shape, color and texture in unique and dramatic ways.  By doing this, I’m able to create art that allows the viewer to move beyond typical recognition of the subject to actually experiencing it in a new and different way. 

About My Process

The different forms of glass I use include enamels, powders, frits and hand cut shapes from colored sheets of glass.  These different forms of glass are unified into a composition and fired in a kiln.  Most of my pieces require several revolutions in the kiln and I usually use a variety of firings and techniques.  Melting of glass in the kiln offers results that can be both surprising and rewarding.  Surprise results often lead me to push further than my original intention and is always a real opportunity for growth as an artist.


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