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Place your glass art among outdoor plants on the deck, patio or garden. Hang in a window, from a trellis  or even on a tree limb. Choose a piece that compliments your plantings perfectly.  If your flowers and greenery are your garden's wardrobe,

your glass art is the bling.

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Yard Stakes & Shepherd Hooks

Move around the garden to find the perfect home for your glass art among bushes and plantings.


Pot Stakes

Great accent for potted plants; either in your own garden or as a thoughtful gift to brighten someone else's day.


Tree Pendants

Fun little surprises to hang in the limbs of trees around the garden.  Watch them light up and sparkle when the sunlight filters through the branches.  Great gift for any occasion.


Hanging Glass Panels & Chimes

Decorate all areas of your outdoor living areas by hanging glass art from protected eves and overhangs to tree branches and trellises.