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Shepherd Hook Sold Separately (after adding glass panel to cart, select shepherd hook button for options)


Glass Panel: Designs such as this one are created by using different types of colored glass including hand cut pieces from larger sheets as well as glass powders (sifted and/or painted on) and frit (small glass bits). Also, some pieces included a rust colored image which is made from an iron oxide transfer. These different materials are arranged onto a second base layer of glass and the double layered piece is melted in a kiln. Reaching the finished piece usually requires multiple firings at different temperatures and during the firing process many colors of glass "strike" to a new color and/or intensity. When finished, color intensity also changes as different degrees of light filters through the glass.

"Beauty" glass panel

SKU: 18-08-404
    • SHEPHERD HOOK SOLD SEPARATELY- see button below
    • Hangs in Windows or on Branches, Trellises and Shepherd's hooks
    • Glass Panel Size:  10 x 4 in
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